Mark Smesrud grew up in Minot, North¬†Dakota, attended college in York, Nebraska and graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies. With his degree he moved to Dallas to work as a youth minister. While in Dallas he was contacted by Madison about Purple Door Coffee. He immediately connected with the mission and vision. Mark later committed to the work and moved to Denver in January of 2012. He’s fallen in love with the city and the work of Purple Door over the past three years. He also fell in love¬†with his wife Tiffany in Denver.

Mark enjoys camping, hiking, snowshoeing, baseball, live music, and trying new restaurants. He also has a wealth of useless information stuffed in his head, so he can usually throw a random fact at a customer while making their drink.

Mark runs the coffee program side of Purple Door as well as the job training curriculum. He really loves what he does, loves the city he is in, and plans to be here for a long while.