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Quality Coffee and Quality People.

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A little over a week ago we had the opportunity to lead a breakout session at the Denver  Faith and Justice Conference. This was a great opportunity for us to meet other people in Denver that are passionate about responding to areas of hurt in our city. We also got to tell our story to a bunch of people that really get what we’re all about.

We opened our session simply sharing about the issue of homeless youth here in Denver. It’s such a issue shocking to people when they hear how many young people are out on the streets in Denver. It’s tough to get a hard number, and it is always fluctuating, but we believe that 1500 is a fair estimate for a ballpark estimate of how many Street Kids there are in Denver. There is a lot of nuance to the culture of Street Kids that we would love to talk to you about. You can also read a bit more here and here.

After discussing Street Kid culture I got to geek out on coffee for a little bit. I talked about growing, processing and roasting. Finally I brewed coffee in front of the people in our session. I did a drip machine, French Press and Chemex (this is a pour over method that was developed by a chemist during World War II when there was no metal to spare).

With an inexpensive drip machine, if you have quality coffee you can get a drinkable cup of coffee, but it is no where near what it has the potential to be. There are some drip machines that do a great job, but they are not cheap.
With a French Press you put in a little more effort, but the end result is so much better.
With a Chemex, it takes a lot of attention, and you can attain a phenomenal cup of coffee with this method.

Not all brewing methods are created equal. If you have quality coffee, why wouldn’t you want to brew it in a way that helps it be the best it can be? Each brewing method is going to bring out different things with the exact same coffee.

At Purple Door Coffee we want to help coffee be the best that it can be. So many people have had a hand in getting this roasted bean to us, so we don’t want to mess it up right at the end.

More importantly, at Purple Door Coffee we want to help our employees be the best they can be. We believe that all people are “high quality beans”, and so they are worth the effort. So, our training (brewing) methods will be specific to each person (bean) to bring out all that they can be, because they are worth the effort. An inexpensive drip machine version of training isn’t going to cut it. We know that training methods for our employees will not be plug and play. Each employee will have strengths and deficiencies in different areas. We’re ready to work with each employee on an individual basis–striving to help them be who they were created to be.

When I pay as much as I do for a bag of coffee, it comes with the expectation that it will be delicious. It disappoints only when I don’t set it up for success. If I let it steep in the French Press for too long, or if my water isn’t hot enough, or the grind isn’t right…so many variables impact the coffee that ends up in my cup.

The coffee can live up to the expectations that I place on it when I do my part.

Similarly we will place expectations on our employees, because we believe our employees are valuable enough to have expectations placed on them. Something that we believe to be true is that people desire to live up to expectations, and they do live up to them when a few things are in place.

1. People Live Up To Expectations When They Are Able To.

-We want to provide the tools necessary for our employees to live up to the expectations that we place on them. Adequate training, encouragement, accountability, community, and so many other tools.

2. People Live Up To Expectations When They Believe They Are Able To.

-Many of our friends don’t believe that they matter, or that they deserve better. Some don’t believe that they are capable of leading a healthy, sustainable life. We want to help our employees see that they matter, and they have the ability to live up to the expectations that we set for them. We truly want to help our employees believe in themselves.

3. People Live Up To Expectations When the Expectation Is Based In Relationship and Love.

-We as humans don’t like to disappoint the people that love us. We like to reciprocate that love. At Purple Door Coffee we strive to communicate love at every moment. We believe that this will lead to success of our employees more than any other single thing. It is the mortar that holds all the bricks that are PDC together. Love and Relationship.

Excellent coffee comes with expectations. Excellent Coffee is worth the effort.

We place expectations on our employees because they are excellent folks.
We believe that our employees are worth the effort of: proper training, relationships and resources because they are excellent people.

A Heart of Excellence

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We serve a God of completion. He doesn’t leave things halfway done. He’s not a God that puts forth the bare minimum. He is a God that carries things out all the way.

This is the God we serve. This is the God we strive to display in the world. We must be people of completion.

God is a God that doesn’t do anything partially or as an after thought.

Frequently in the Christian world we create things that do not reflect this characteristic of the God we serve. We create a product, or a program, or even a relationship that is halfway done; it’s not complete; it’s not everything it can be. So, we slap the word “Christian” on it, and hope grace just fills in the gaps. If something is “Christian” then certainly it is enough.

Grace does fill in the gap when we fall short (which is often), but Jesus died not so that we could give half effort and let Him cover the rest.

Jesus died to restore us to fullness. 

At Purple Door we believe that this needs to spill into every area of who we are. We don’t want to simply accomplish a task, or check something off the to-do list. We desire to be a place that lives into the complete and full life that Jesus has to offer by being the best we can be–daily showing Jesus more clearly to all we interact with.  

-We want to fully research the property we move into before we move in so that we can most effectively engage the neighborhood and embrace the community. We want to do appropriate market research to prove we will do well at this location.

-We want to place ourselves in a healthy financial situation as an organization. We continue to diligently fundraise, and spend wisely. We

-We want to serve excellent coffee. This is why we went to coffee school. Our customers are worth an excellent product. Our employees deserved to be trained to create a product that they are proud of.

-We want to have a quality space. Our customers deserve a great atmosphere. Our employees are valuable and deserve to work in a great facility.

-We want to share our vision and story effectively. This will hopefully encourage others to live into their passions. Live fully. Care for the marginalized. Hopefully our story will inspire others to live with meaning and authenticity.

-We want to train with excellence in the realm of life skills and universal job skills. So, we are spending time with friends that know social work and other realms of psychology and sociology. We are learning from different organizations doing job training. We are reading like crazy. We want to provide job training that is lasting and effective.

-We want to build real community around our employees. Community naturally happens in coffee shops, but only to a point. We are intentionally asking people to come and join us when we are open. We are building relationships with churches and other communities that can be beneficial to Purple Door overall.


We do not want anything just randomly added or thrown in to Purple Door and what we’re about. We believe that we must intentionally add and tend to every aspect of the organization in order to truly be who we can be and believe we are supposed to be.

Setting this expectation of excellence and completion is also important as we train employees. We want them to develop in the best way that they are able, and that will not happen in an environment that is not committed to excellent and in the habit of doing things halfway. Our employees are valuable and deserving of our best effort in helping them become the best that they can be.

We know that we won’t stumble upon excellence, nor arrive there immediately. But we have a heart for excellence, because serve an excellent God. We are working to shape a culture of growth towards excellence.

The full life that Jesus offers does not just happen. It takes effort. It takes intentionality. It takes struggle. If we are seeking to be like Jesus, we have a high standard to strive for. Even when we fall short, hopefully we find ourselves striving to be like Jesus even more after we fall short. We are working to shape a culture of growth towards Jesus.

Purple Door Coffee is about rebuilding lives, but we don’t strive to just make it by. God is a God of completion–a God of excellence. He is not a God of getting by. He is a God that takes us to places we could not get to on our own. We’re thankful for the guidance He provides; the work He calls us to; and His overall provision.

We’re thankful for the way He changes lives and transforms hearts. We’re not the ones that do the transforming.

Help us continue striving towards excellence. If you have ideas on how you can help Purple Door, let us know. We can’t be excellent on our own. It takes lots of excellent people doing excellent things excellently!

Thanks for all the love and support!