2962 Welton St. Denver, CO

M-F: 7am – 5pm
Sat: 8am – 3pm
Closed on Sundays

Who We Are

Life is a journey. An ever-evolving, unexpected dance we share together. With friends, family and even strangers acting as partners along the way. It’s a journey we celebrate in arms. It’s humanity.

But, along the way, some have to go it alone. Feeling depleted by circumstances, rejected by the outside world. At Purple Door Coffee, we believe in redemption and the brilliant transformation that can come with the support of an impassioned community. When we open a door to opportunity, we open a door to dignity–for everyone. Unlocking possibility and hope. Developing worthy lives.

We’re conscious curators of experience. Striving to make the life experience richer, more beautiful and full of vibrancy in all that we do. Once coffee brew at a time.

Call us believers. Know us as a community. Meet us as friends.

Purple Door Coffee
Gather, and grow.

Purple Door Coffee is a specialty espresso bar and coffee shop in Denver, Colorado that employs teens and young adults who have been homeless and want to leave homelessness behind.

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Our Team

Mark Smesrud

Mark Smesrud

Director of Organizational Direction

Katie Koehler

Katie Koehler

Director of Finance

Joe Sanchez

Joe Sanchez

Assistant Manager

Our Employees

Our Employees

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 Drinking a nice cup of coffee on this cold, snowy day would've been nice... Instead, we had to deal with mediocre coffee & poor customer service. (Full post on our blog - Link in bio) #purpledoorcoffee #Denver #coffeeshop #coffeereview #coffee #coffeelover #coffee time #coffeebreak #coffeeholic #senseluna  Coffee and cake anyone?! It's our 3rd birthday and we would love to celebrate with you! We have free cake today at 11am until it's gone and all drinks and food items are 10% off! Come see us! Thank you everyone who has been a part of the Purple Door story, we think that this year is going to be a really good one! #purpledoorcoffee  No foolin', #MetropolisDenver is a part of the #FikaPassport program! Starting today, April 1 and running through October 1, if you bring in your Fika Passport to the #LoHi location, you'll be in for a treat! Purchase your favoriting drink, then grab either an #AeroPress, #cortado or #espresso on us! We'll stamp your passport and you'll be on your way! And get this, $1 of every passport sold will be donated to our friends at #PurpleDoorCoffee - a nonprofit shop that offers training & jobs to homeless teens & young adults! ☺️ Thanks to @passportprogram for putting this on! (If you need a passport, go to www.thepassportprogram.com/fika)  Starting the day off right....despite my tardiness. #purpledoorcoffee #coffee #officejobsblow
 #caramel & #blueberry, buttery goodness at #PurpleDoorCoffee  It's here! We think it's pretty cool that on the week of our 3rd birthday this beautiful machine arrived! We are so excited about the opportunities that this piece of equipment can create! We are so looking forward to creating jobs, growing our community and roasting up some delicious coffees. #purpledoorcoffee #sanfranciscanroaster  Look at what the guys at #PurpleDoorCoffee made me - vanilla latte & almond croissant ❣ Very neat shop with a beautiful cause! ☺️ Thanks @purpledoorcoffee everything was perfect!  #lattelove #nonprofit #curtispark #leavehomelessnessbehind  We got some love in @5280magazine from Elle at @amethystcoffeeco! Thanks, Elle! #amethystcoffeeco #purpledoorcoffee #denvercoffee
 This is our Assistant Shop Manager, Joe. He has worked for us for a little over a year and a half--first as a program employee, now as a permanent staff member. We're ecstatic for Joe as today marks 2 years free from a drug that was a destructive force in his life! Congratulations, Joe! We're so proud of you! #purpledoorstories #drugfree #purpledoorcoffee  Love that a portion of the proceeds from the #passportprogram goes to @purpledoorcoffee #fika #denver #denvercoffee #colorado #purpledoorcoffee #drinklocal #coffee  "Celebration nourishes us, restores hope and brings us the strength to live with the suffering and difficulties of everyday life." --Jean Vanier Last night we CELEBRATED Kevin--a human so worth celebrating! Kevin graduated our program and landed a job working in the greenhouse at City Floral--the perfect job for him. He has been such a gift to everyone connected to Purple Door. This intelligent, compassion man deserves such a good beautiful and healthy life and he is making daily strides towards just that! We love you, Kevin! #purpledoorcoffee #purpledoorstories  For almost a year now I've spent once a month acting as chaplain with this remarkable duo of Mark & Katie (miss you @chadisonmandler!) at Purple Door Coffee - one of the most creative and hope-filled places this city offers. Everyday Purple Door reminds young men & women coming from places of severe poverty that they are enough. They are worthy. They are images of God. I can easily say spending time with these 2 is one of coolest aspects of my crazy work. #PurpleDoorCoffee #HopeInDenver #DenverLife
 Our employee David is wonderfully excited--and he should be! He has the keys to his new apartment! The housing market is very challenging right now. It's becoming more and more difficult to find safe and affordable housing and so we are celebrating with David! #purpledoorstories #purpledoorcoffee  first stop on the Denver coffee passport tour: purple door. #purpledoorcoffee #fika #thedenvercoffeepassport #denvercoffee #denver #colorado #coffee #passportprogram  Afternoon light. #denvercoffee #craftcoffee #purpledoorcoffee #cappuccino  Two delicious mouth watering favorites wrapped into one! @thelongipie + @purpledoorcoffee = Making Denver better with every bite! #DenverVibe #ColoradoLiving #SupportLocal PC: @thelongipie

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